Borough Resident Services

Donora Borough residents may receive free mulch and compost for use in their summer gardens.

Compost/Mulch Site Facility

difference between compost and mulch

The compost site facility is located at the Street Department Garage in the MIDA property.

All yard waste and leaves collected in the Borough are taken to this facility where they are composted and then offered to residents at no charge.

Resident homeowners may drop off yard waste at the site in the labeled bins located in the rear of the garage.  This area is under camera surveillance.


Mulch is a great ground covering that reduces weed growth and retains water in soil.



As part of the yard waste collection program, the Compost/Mulch Site will be open on weekdays & weekends throughout the season for residents to drop off yard waste or pick up mulch.

Please call the Borough office at (724)379-6600 for current information regarding the availability of compost, mulch, and current operating hours.

Compost Disclaimer

Compost Disclaimer: Donora Borough compost is a natural, composted material that has been stored outside. The self-heating process has been managed to reduce weeds, diseases and insects. However, it may still contain allergens, weeds, insects or foreign matter. Sensitive users should wear proper clothing and protection when handling the compost. Donora Borough makes no guarantee concerning the quality of the compost, and assumes no liability for injury or property damage as a result of the use or delivery of the compost. Residents who use this compost do so at their own risk.